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Regenerative Design Field Kit

Regenerative Design Field Kit

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Second Edition

Where The Light Gets In is a Regenerative Design Field Kit, a tool designed to expand your perspective as you observe the world around you, reflect on the present, and contemplate potential futures. 

Using the Field Kit is as straightforward as following these three steps:

  • Peer through the viewer at an object or scene 
  • Apply the questions to examine the present
  • Use the question cards to imagine possible futures

This kit empowers you and your team to scrutinize challenges in today's world more intensively, and imagine a wide variety of different paths to take. How do you design the healthiest environment, with the greatest economy, for all in society?

The Field Kit contains two key components; a fluorescent viewer, made from a 100% recycled and recyclable acrylic, and a set of questions cards, made from card sourced from sustainable wood sources.

The kit also contains a QR code through to a living web page on the Smithery site, where we will continue to collect and report on different use cases. You can see this page here.


If you're interested in half or full day workshops on using this Regenerative Design Field Kit or discounts for bulk orders, please get in touch here.

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