Artefact Cards help you
capture, sort and play
with your ideas.


Cardstock is a monthly meetup for anyone who uses cards in their work, whether working with their own ideas, facilitating for others, making connections in complex information, or just playing games.

Put this in your calendar, drop in when you can. It happens on the fourth Friday of every month, at 4pm UK time.

It's a casual meet-up thing. No need to only arrive at the start, nor to only leave right at the end.

What sort of things do people talk about?

We're interested in the content of cards, so printed sets exploring different territories and ideas, and the mechanics of cards, and how they naturally help information find new context through dealing, shuffling, turning, stacking, sorting and more. Sometime people come along to talk about specific decks of cards, show off a set they've been working with, or just decks that you really like.

Every time though, the conversation starts at cards then inevitably goes elsewhere...