About the shop

In 2011, John faced a problem with a design workshop in the early days of Smithery. The sticky notes used during the sessions were too disposable and fleeting for his needs. To solve this issue, he began producing small batches of beautifully colored playing cards that could be used to create, connect, and rearrange ideas. After receiving positive feedback from participants, he decided to create more of these cards, and thus, Artefact Cards was born.

Over the past decade, as well as selling over half a million Artefact Cards globally, we have collaborated with various partners to create other experimental products and packs. All of these products are designed to help you play with ideas.

Artefact Cards are crafted in the UK in Axminster, Devon.

  • Artefact Cards

    Artefact Cards are the ideal tool for capturing, sorting, and playing with your ideas. The process is simple yet effective: Create, Connect, Reorder.

    Begin by jotting down your thoughts or sketches on individual cards, and then discover new connections by rearranging them. Pack them up when you're done and revisit them later to add to or explore further.

    Designed by and for design professionals, Artefact Cards provide a perfect balance of quality and usability that meets the demands of those who require only the best tools.

  • Collaborations

    Once we established the Artefact Cards business, some of our brilliant friends approached us with ideas to collaborate on.

    We found this to be a fantastic opportunity to broaden our understanding of how cards could function in diverse situations. Working with others to explore innovative concepts was especially enjoyable for us.

    As a result, you'll find a selection of these collaborations showcased on our platform, with many more to come in the near future.

  • Experiments

    We remain committed to exploring novel forms and products that revolutionise the way individuals work with information and ideas.

    Our team often tests these experiments during the innovation and future thinking courses hosted by Smithery globally.

    As we continue to develop new and exciting ideas, we are increasingly making them available on the Artefact Shop. This way, you can have access to some of the groundbreaking work we're creating that pushes boundaries in unique and meaningful ways.