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Artefact Cards

Burgo Plus

Burgo Plus

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We were doing a stock check recently, and Keith found a box of something very unexpected. Back when we first launched the Artefact Plus cards, packaging wunderkind Burgo Wharton had made us a delightful, two-way sliding box for them.

It was glorious. It was plush. It was expensive. A playful golden brick.

The cards themselves are nearly double the size of standard Artefact Card. Each box contains 136 cards, split across our four core colour, each of which feature our Superglitch graph design.

Superglitch was a error-inspired, taking a cue from an industrial printer that just couldn't hack printing really small lines. Instead, it created these beautiful little trails of dotted ink, fading in and out of existence, offering just enough structure to act as a graph, whilst still being free enough to act as a blank canvas.

We need to use the space in Axminster for something else which is coming soon, so they're half price now until they're all snapped up. 

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