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Static Sheets

Static Sheets

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"I love Artefact Cards. But can I stick them to the wall too?"

Our static sheets are are roll of tear-off A1 sheets charged with static electricity that stick to just about any surface. Once the sheets are stuck on the wall, you can stick the Artefact Cards to them.

You can then move the cards around, and then take them down again. 

It's the perfect way to run workshops with the Artefact Cards, moving between horizontal tables where ideas and generated, and then presenting ideas from the walls as teams begin to form more concrete plans.

We've tried paint, wallpaper, glass, concrete, glass... they stick to just about everything, it's amazing. Keep them dust free, and you can roll them up and reuse them too.

Each roll contains 25 sheets, and comes in an extra-strong cardboard carrying tube.




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