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Artefact Cards

Artefact Plus

Artefact Plus

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For those people who've said "I love Artefact Cards, but just sometimes want some that are a bit... you know, bigger".

These cards are cut at 71 x 100mm, rather than the standard 55 x 85mm, so they feel like a slightly large poker card. It means there's nearly 50% more surface area than a standard Artefact Card. 

Inside the new Artefact Plus box you'll find 72 cards, split between four colours (Sunshine Yellow, Conscious Orange, Peacekeeper Blue and Apple Green).

The cards also feature our own custom Superglitch graph, a mix of enough rigidity to inform drawings and sketches, but also the necessary fluidity for creative flourishes. fading in and out of existence, offering just enough structure to act as a graph, whilst still being free enough to act as a blank canvas.

As per usual, pair with your choice of marker - we love the Staedtler Lumocolour Fine Point for many reasons.


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