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Artefact Cards

FUTREP - Original

FUTREP - Original

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FUTREP was developed in 2018 for Dstl (MOD) to offer a rapid way to generate new scenarios which individuals and teams to explore, describe, and design responses for.

Rather than longer, detailed scenario creation methods, FUTREP helps people acquire more cognitive flexibility, as with each new hand they are dealt they become more adept at finding connections between seemingly unconnected things.

The deck includes instructions for use, and 52 cards in four suits (Characters, Objects, Systems, Environments) from which to generate different futures scenarios.

Digitally printed, and fully recycled, the FUTREP pack is cut to the same dimensions as Artefact Plus, so you can use those in conjunction with this deck to add new factors or suits of your own.


Copyright © Smithery Ltd 2018
Produced for Dstl under DEFCON 705

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