What Are Manual Cards?

Our original Manual Cards were a set of interwoven prompts designed to help you get the most from your Artefact Cards, by employing the same principles of remixing and reordering ideas. 

They were A6 postcard size, on 560gsm Colorplan Factory Yellow stock, and printed on letterpress with black ink. The first edition featured six cards; Start, Play, Investigate, Experiment, Sketch and Map

They were called manual cards for two reasons. Firstly, they're the minimum viable instructions; just enough of a prompt to push you off in the right direction. You can pick up one of the cards, read the introduction, or use one of the six prompts on the reverse.

Secondly, they're manual because when you start lining the reverse of multiple cards, you can start sliding them up and down to create bigger, more interesting prompts as you line up different ideas. It's like an idea fruit machine. Or something.

We're planning an iteration of these cards at some stage in the near future, so please do sign up to the newsletter for updates as and when they happen.