Hex Appeal - Custom Cards for Nusbacher Associates

Hex Appeal - Custom Cards for Nusbacher Associates

We've been working on a custom project for Nusbacher & Associates, who wanted a very particular form of Artefact Cards for using in a series of remote workshops they've been running for their strategic work with their client, DLA Piper. 

In order to build out the first and second order implications of events throughout the guided process (which uses techniques like the Futures Wheel as part of the method), Lynette and Rina wanted to be able to put a tool in the hands of the participants during the process. 

The online Miro whiteboards they were using for supporting the process were great, but there was a missed opportunity to engage people with the concepts once they left the whiteboard and it disappeared from the screen.

The properties of hexagons make them brilliant at taking a core concept in the centre, and working outwards from one central point, which is why they asked... "could you make hexagonal Artefact Cards?".

Which is exactly what we did. And in order to make a real impact on arrival, we created a premium branded box for them in G.F Smith white Colorplan, included a fine-point Staedtler Lumocolour, and finished them off with a full-soaked black shipping box.

We think this idea from Nusbacher & Associates is a great example of people who are thinking about the whole experience around how work happens at the moment.

As Rina points out, "interaction is vital for meaningful strategy work, and not just presentations or speculations". Giving people agency to feel part of the process is vital, and finding ways to make that feel like a whole-body thinking experience (rather than just peering through a digital window) is a big part of it.

The difference that it can make when some of the workshop you're part of turns up at your door, and lives with you in you newly-shaped home workspace, is definitely something to think about in designing experiences; a distributed form of creativity that connects both the physical and virtual experiences of working together.

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