Helping Homeschool Heroes

Helping Homeschool Heroes

Like many people, we have the kids at home for the foreseeable future, and yesterday was the first formal day of homeschooling. It's made us think about how we can do little things to help everyone else get through it, and learn new things ourselves.

SO... we've set up a discount code - homeschoolhero - which takes 30% off any Artefact Cards here.


Well, we first made a plan for what activities to do and when last week with the kids, and shared it on twitter, which prompted other parents to share their planning too (see Hannah & Ben's pictures below).

Then we've been using Artefact Cards again this week, just helping the kids with little bits of things throughout the school work they've been set, like mapping out the main sections of a story as part of English homework.

Have the cards around is proving really useful, and some of you will already have some at home you can quickly redeploy, or might have other blank materials you can use as cards.

Given we're still able to ship cards out from Axminster*, we thought we'd do something to help those who don't. 


30% off for homeschooling

We've set up a discount code - homeschoolhero - for 30% off any cards on the home page for the foreseeable future.

Add items to the basket, and you'll see the discount code box as you go through checkout. 

We'll keep this discount in place for the foreseeable future, and if you want to share it with other friends and family who are home schooling, please do.


We'll also be collecting and sharing ideas on how to use cards to help you in homeschooling, and the first of those posts is up over here.

Good luck, everyone.



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