Creative Tapas: Conversation Game

Creative Tapas: Conversation Game

This is a game which emerged at Creative Tapas in July 2016, and is easily replicated across any workshop or experience where you're with a group of people for a couple of days or more.

Get people to note down little snippets of conversations that other people are saying throughout the experience. Each of these quotes should be on a separate card. These cards are collected up towards the end of the experience.

Take all the quote cards, shuffle, and split the deck on two.

Then two players take it in turns to read out the quotes as if they are having a conversation, whilst others watch. Every so often, you can swap out players so someone new takes over the conversation.



What emerges is a sometimes, hilarious, sometimes poignant exchange where all of the events of the experience are jumbled up and find new context against each other, reinforcing the things people remember, and creating new ideas to take forward when they leave.

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