Cardstock's back - Friday 23rd April

Cardstock's back - Friday 23rd April

Well hello card-lovers - Cardstock is back this Friday, come along at 1pm UK time (Zoom link here). We've an exciting guest, and some news about Cardstock meet-ups, and the community moving forwards.

First things first - we'll be joined by Kevin Campbell Davidson is the creator of HumanQ, a deck of game-based audio meditations - - an online card deck linked to Soundcloud files, it's a brilliant experience. 

We'll be trying out some things together, thinking about online card-like experiences, and so on.

Secondly, we'll be moving the online community to an actual home in the next month or so, hooking up with some mighty likeminded friends in an exciting new development I may talk about on Friday.

And last but not least, I'd like you all to welcome the fabulous and brilliant Rina Atienza to the Cardstock Committee. In her own words...

Hi! I'm Rina, and I enjoy scheming as I go about with friends solving wicked problems.

Why cards?
This is a Filipino slang word that can mean different things in different contexts.
From the Spanish descarte (descartar means to discard)

"diskarte" is about one’s effective way of doing things
It could mean your mojo or “game” when it comes to being
resourceful or dispensing street smarts with your angles and moves.

I have a nominative fondness for queen cards, and I'm glad I successfully convinced John to try hexes.

Also, I should really play my diversity card more?


That is indeed correct - without Rina, there would be no Artefact Hex cards, and then where would we be? Trapped in four-sided conventionality, no doubt.

Thanks Rina, and see you Friday we hope...

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