Cardstock - Work-In-Progress - Friday 23rd July 2021

Cardstock - Work-In-Progress - Friday 23rd July 2021

The last few Cardstock meet-ups have really been getting in to a nice rhythm; smart lovely people turn up and talk about card decks they've made, found, etc.

We have noticed though that a good few attendees come because they have a notion card-based idea, a work-in-progress, and they just don't really know how to get going with it, perhaps.

So this Friday's edition of Cardstock is about Work-In-Progress

Card decks you can't get yet, because the creators are still creating.

Here's how it'll work.

George Walkley and Matt Ballantine have volunteered to share some new decks they're working on.

George's is about "using a custom deck of cards and Sherman Kent’s Words of Estimative Probability as a technique for structured critical thinking."

Matt's is about "PlayCards - a way for people to explore the skills needed to be innovative".

They'll each introduce the core concept, who and what their deck is for, and their plan to launch them into the world.

Then we'll all ask questions, offer perspectives, and generally talk about making card decks.

Sound good? Excellent, we'll see you here, Friday 23rd, 1pm BST:

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