Cardstock with Vaughn Tan - Friday 28th May

Cardstock with Vaughn Tan - Friday 28th May

We're delighted this month at Cardstock to be talking to Vaughn Tan, creator of the idk cards. You might have guessed that idk stands for 'I don't know', a phrase we can be afraid, reluctant or discouraged from using at work or in our personal lives.

Vaughn's previously written a book called The Uncertainty Mindset, so I'm keen to find out more about transposing the ideas in there from long-form prose to short, playful interactions.

Cardstock is happening this Friday, 28th May, at 1pm:

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Find out more about the idk cards, from where you can buy a pack:

idk is based on years of research on some of the world’s most innovative teams. It’s meant to help you excel when working in unfamiliar situations, facing unpleasant ideas, or just doing something you don’t know how to do yet.

Each of the 54 idk cards suggests something you can do to be intentionally uncomfortable. This can be something you’re reluctant to do, something you dislike, or something unfamiliar—but it is always designed to help you grow and learn as a result. idk can be used repeatedly and indefinitely.


Vaughn Tan is an assistant professor of strategy and entrepreneurship and one of the founding faculty at University College London’s School of Management. He previously worked for Google in California.

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