Cardstock This Month - Bring a Thing

Cardstock This Month - Bring a Thing

Cardstock, the monthly meetup for ‘folks who like cards a bit’ is back. 1pm UK time, this Friday, 28th August. Get the Zoom details and sign up here.

We’ve had two months in a row with a special guest, focussing in their work and approaches, so this month we’re back to a casual drop-in thing... with one slight change.

At the end of the last Cardstock, we made up a thing on the spot we called ‘Card Radar’, where people had to go and find a pack of cards around their homes that they wanted to talk about.

This time though, we’ll do that with a little more preparation - if you’re coming along, please bring a thing - it might be cards, it might be something else you want to share that’s related.

That’s it for now, super simple - see you on Friday.

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