Cardstock - July's Special Guest

Cardstock - July's Special Guest

Well, last month's special guest idea at Cardstock worked very well indeed (thanks, Charles), and then at the end someone asked if Charlotte (who was at her first Cardstock...) could be a guest  at a future one (as they were fascinated by her work).

And so, without any ado at all, we sorted that out...

Charlotte Overton-Hart works in the areas of identity, ageing, and dementia, inspired by the friendship she had with her Gran. Developing resources and facilitating workshops around the country, Charlotte loves using and (home) making decks of cards.

She co-created her first deck, Storycomb (combining story and honeycomb) to support people living with dementia to tell their life story in a non-chronological order. In 2019 Charlotte launched Ingredients Cards, a deck of cards designed to encourage everyday creativity and quality time with people living with dementia, and everyone.


Simon White from Formation London will be leading the conversation, so come and hear Charlotte explain more on Friday 31st July, at 1pm UK time - sign up here so we can get an idea for numbers, please.


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