The Artefact Map

This month, we received something wonderful in our subscription from Not Another Bill - it's a Scratch Map of the world:

What's a scratch map, you ask?  Well, put it this way... they give you a wee coin to go with it...

Now, no doubt most people would use a map like this to scratch off all the places in the world they've been (and it'd be wonderful to do so, of course. 

But Helen suggested we do something different.

Given we just launched the newly designed Artefact Box yesterday, she thought we should scratch off all the places (not countries, but cities or towns) where we ship the new boxes too.

So day one has been about a lot of UK, but it's hard to not rub off everything at once.  Then there's some Germany and Norway action too, as you'll see.

Then we've shipped to places like Boston and San Fransisco over in the US...

...and down under to Melbourne and Sydney too... well as my favourite, Tokyo

(I love it whenever we ship something to Japan, given as a culture how much they value design in everything in general, and stationery in particular).

Anyway, we'll keep scratching away at the world, adding locations and sharing them with you every so often.  If you know anyone in far flung corners of the world, then please do send them the shop link, it's a big old map...

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