Artefact Meetup #1

As you'll probably know by now, Wednesday night saw the very first Artefact Meetup in London.  

Tom Abba and Duncan Speakman gave a brilliant talk about These Pages Fall Like Ash, which you can listen to as an audio track here:

It brought up a lot of interesting discussion points.  One key one for me was"how do you get people to make that first mark on something", be it the beautiful TPFLA book (which people had to write in) or an Artefact Card for the first time.  I also found it interesting that even with the narrative journey of TPFLA clearly laid out, people chose to ignore the order and make up their own. 

We're culturally becoming unused to sullying a page that can't be easily undone, and yet will happily recut and reorder a preset structure to fit our own whims.  Those sorts of things always say a lot to me about what's happening in the field of knowledge work.

Also, about halfway through the evening, I realised what my favourite thing about the meetup was; that the mix of people was so wonderfully diverse.  It was a group of people who, by and large, shouldn't have really found themselves in a room together.  But it really worked.  I shall be pretending from now on that it was all part of the plan...

We were also fortunate enough to be drinking some very fine beer as donated by the guys over at Carlsberg in Copenhagen; they sent a large selection of their finest beers that they make over there:

These beers don't make it across to the UK all that often; what was it that ad said?  "Beer so good the Danes hate to see it leave..."?  Well, that's understandable now.  Maybe the Artefact community can get them to launch it over here.

Thanks to everyone who came along, I hope you all enjoyed it half as much as I did.

I suppose I should really do another one now...

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