Make Things Like Tony Stark

A talk I gave last week at the inaugural Innovation Social event, held at the Google Campus on Bonhill Street in London.

Some things worth noting…

i) it was the first time I’d done a presentation by only writing it on Artefact Cards, then using a beta version of the App I’m making with Adam Hoyle of Do Tank Studios, & Darrell Whitelaw of America.

Artefact App

So the presentation only needed to touch a computer when uploading it to Slideshare (and those guys have been great in helping us build in a function for the future where you can share straight to Slideshare, which is massively exciting…

Basically I’m not very far away from having a system that lets me write, present and share ideas without ever opening Keynote or PowerPoint.  Which is nice.

ii) the presentation needs a voiceover.  It’s a little more oblique than usual, perhaps.  I’ll get on to that.

iii) the development that it’s talking about is that of the Stattys that have recently launched on the Artefact site.  They’re amazing Electrostatic sheets of paper that stick to any wall, and that the Artefact Cards then stick to.  You can basically build yourself a whiteboard style wall anywhere you like, use your Artefact Cards with them, then take down the whole thing in five minutes as if you were never there.

They keep selling out, but there’s some just back in, so if you tried to buy them before and failed, get on over there.

iv) Google Campus on Bonhill Street is in the exact building where I started in media.  There used to be a research agency called BJM there.  It’s a bit like coming home.


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