A Factory Visit, and the Future of Print

This week, I visited the Axminster Printing Co. with Tim Milne, to see where the Artefact Cards are made.  And to meet Keith Rockett, who runs the business, and whom I’ve only ever spoken with on the phone.

I took lots of photos, and then afterwards, Tim and I sat and had a chat about various things on a bench in the town Square in Axminster, for the ongoing Audioboo stuff for the 2013 Media Projects.

Anyway, it occurred that I could try something a wee bit different with the audio & visual; I’ve taken all the photos, in the order they were in (save for a three photo loop at the end), and used them as a visual accompaniment to the conversation.

Rather than spend hours editing the pictures with whatever was most appropriate in the conversation, I thought it would be interesting to see if telling two separate stories at once (the pictures of the day, and the wee interview about the day and other things) actually worked.  See what you think…

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