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Hi Tina - tell us about yourself, please…?

I studied Graphic Design at Central St. Martins but quickly moved into different areas, everything from business to interior design to home finding and various creative projects in between. My overall passion these days lies in lifestyle design, trying to find ways for people to lead a more creative, healthy and satisfying existence. I'm working on a project right now where your artefact cards will be invaluable;-) I LOVE blogging -

How have you been using your Artefact Cards?

I juggle many balls and to start with I simply used the cards for headings of to-do stuff/projects/ideas/blog post:-). They are on my notice board and because the yellow with black is so vibrant it sticks out.  Although some (of the above) will not be actioned immediately, they are there, seen (vibrancy) and filter through to my subconscious. Eventually they will be actioned….AND NOT FORGOTTEN, which really is the main thing! So, for now I'm using them as Layer 1 of a multi-layered plan…if you get my meaning! It's the way I roll...

That way of working must give you a quick sight of everything you've got on pretty quickly? 

Yes, I can see it all in front of me… but then you have the tricky bit of prioritising and seeing what's first (Important vs Urgent)…as you rightly ask in your next question!  Do you remember me asking about other permanent colours?

Ah yes; the multi-colour pack has definitely been added to the Artefact to-do list.  So do you move them around on the board to prioritise?

NO! They are stuck down with a bit of MT tape (Washi) and they form an interesting pattern as some are vertical and some horizontal. I'm using stickers to highlight, prioritise or simply draw my attention to it. What I love is that they are very much in my face so I CANNOT ignore or forget!!! It's that yellow :-)

That's interesting about the patterns - I find using the cards lets you see 'the shape of ideas', which spread out at all sorts of angles.  It sounds like the same principle, yes?
I'm not sure I mean the same thing here. For me, it's the way I stuck them down and also the size and weight of the marks I make indicate some importance. My cards, at the moment, simply show me what I'm working on in the next couple of month. The next layer would be to individually flesh out a particular project, where, no doubt, other patterns would form.

Is there something useful for you in giving the projects a physical, permanent presence in your workspace?  As opposed to having a to-do list on a device, for instance?

Gosh, you're talking to the wrong girl. I'm still old school in stuff like this. I keep diaries, notebooks (moleskins), sketchbooks. I've ALWAYS written stuff down with pen and paper.  There is some sort of commitment and permanence that could NEVER be achieved with to-do lists on a device. Sure I use those for shopping lists or reminding me to get something or other but not for anything creative, important and stimulating. I'm a mind-map girl…. I love maps, sketches, infographics etc.

You should check out Austin Kleon's book "Steal Like An Artist" - he talks about having an analogue desk (paper, pens etc) where he 'creates', and a digital desk, where he takes what he's created to 'edit & publish'.

Yes, know it but just ordered it:-)

It's been great talking to you - any final thoughts or requests?

Not really, normally don't like publicly showing what I'm working on but in this case I don't mind… On second thoughts, what about a pink set of artefact cards??? :-) and neon green and neon blue… so we can differentiate between projects!! 

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