Using Artefact Cards - Joe Roberson 

Joe Roberson works with 3rd Sector organisations writing bids, designing their digital approaches, and helping them find the right words when those words are hard to find.

How did you think you'd used the cards?
I thought I’d use them for brainstorming and mapping out funding bids.
How did you actually use them?

I’ve used them for that. But what was most interesting was the time I used them to gather people’s views on what made their organisation amazing.  I handed the cards out to 9 staff and they all used them to describe what it was for them.  This was cool and saved me time. They felt inspired as by giving them something robust I was showing I wanted their serious views, rather than giving them something flimsy and less substantial – I think it showed them I really cared about what they wrote.  Interesting to think about why one person may have chosen to use the yellow side…


Have they changed the way you do anything?
Yes, capturing peoples views. They’ve not replaced a pencil and paper for me when it comes to mindmapping though. Probably as I’m looking for more speed and momentum than I think the cards can provide me with (any thoughts on using them fast?).  Playing Snap with my daughter is different as we made our own deck out of artefact cards, really nice.
How do you describe them to others?
The evolution of the post it – the world needs more serious answers so use something more serious.
Any final thoughts..?
Difficult to step back and remember that the cards could be useful. Also have a desire to make a deck of procrastination/distraction buster cards for at work. Things to do when you get overwhelmed at work.

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