Using Artefact Cards - John MacQuarrie

Dr John MacQuarrie is so sound, he's an Ultrasound Guy.  No, really.  Here's what he finds himself using Artefact Cards for...

It turns out I have something in common with George Clooney, a lot of my time is spent 'Up in the Air'…I just might be sitting in a harder seat placed at the back of a different cabin class from George but the mileage is the same I guess.  

One thing that frustrates me is the wasted time during take-off and landing, that moment when the pilot tells you to "turn off all electronic devices and sit like a nice boy". I'm not really a book kind of guy and would typically get around 45 seconds of looking at the maps at the back of the in-flight magazine, so what else can I do with the rest of that time…?

'Think.'  It's the perfect time to think. Usually about my never ending To Do list, then about how clouds look like marshmallow and why does the guy with the elbows always sit next to me? Then I get back on track and typically have some bright ideas and solutions for my work. These are then usually lost by the time the pilot switches off the light and signals the beginning of off-line emailing (using strategically placed elbows).

With Artefact Cards, this opportunity is no longer wasted. I keep a stash of cards in my iPad folder and as soon as that announcement is made I still sit back and think, but as soon as the ideas begin to flow I reach for the cards and bring the ideas to life.  They are perfect for drafting my next presentation, ordering random thoughts, planning my upcoming meetings or just generally prioritising 'to do's'.

So George, next time you're taking a flight, don't forget your Artefact Cards I'm pretty sure they'll help you organise that next Las Vegas heist.


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