The fingerprints of the brain?

Every time I see someone solving problems with the Artefact Cards, I get a little pang of satisfaction... it's like a disembodied part of me is out there in the world somewhere helping in some way.  Which sounds a bit daft, having just typed it.  But you know, it's not the daftest thing I've ever written on a blog.

Anyway, the last few days brought Michael T Williams solving a problem with an app...

...and then David Hieatt (of many things, like Howies, and now Hiut Denim, and of course The Do Lectures) put a few pics up of this - he's planning out The Do Lectures for April 2013 (which is all about start-ups).



They are now accepting applications to go, too - CLICK HERE TO DO THAT


Michael, of course, has written about how he uses the cards in a wee interview, but David hasn't... yet.  I might just drop you a wee email, David...

When i see these pictures, and others, it's got me thinking about the shapes people use to plan our their ideas.  

I wonder if different people have different shapes they feel most comfortable with, or ways that are unique to them and them only.  The way people draw and write will be, of course, but perhaps the ordering and placement of the cards has significance too.

Maybe, in some small way, Artefact Cards are the fingerprints of the brain?

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