Using Artefact Cards - Michael Wallis

Here's a thing; Michael Wallis, of CorkeWallis, asked if I'd like a better logo than the rubbish logo I had for Artefact early in the year.  Then he came up with this wonder, which we use across the board now.  


Thanks again Michael... so, let's find out what he uses the cards for...

How did you think you'd used the cards?
I thought I would draw on them
How did you actually use them?
I draw on the yellow side and on the white side I write down the important things that need to go right at that point
Have they changed the way you do anything?
Drawing slows you down a bit and gives you space to think. And people can SEE what you’re thinking and more easily visualise all the activities that need to happen to deliver something. They make things just a bit more real - it’s like the act of drawing something makes you care more about it


How do you describe them to others?
Lush Black Starpie + Smooth Yellow Paper = A nice time
Any final thoughts..?
On every 5th card I draw a willy. I can’t help it.


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