Using Artefact Cards - Oliver Legris

How did you think you'd used the cards? 

I thought I would lean how to draw in 2 days and create Powerpoint presentation made of evocative images.
I thought I would use this time each time before launching Keynote.

How did you actually use them?

I think I use them for everything they were not designed for.  The great things with Artefact Card is that they are in a credit card format. Therefore everywhere you go with a wallet, you should always have your artefact cards with you.  So I use them to capture idea while commuting.

Two weeks ago, I lost my wallet. Due to incredible circonstance, the person who found it used my Oyster Card to get my information and gave it back to me. So now on, I made a special Artefact Card that sits on top of my pack for the next time I lose my wallet

I also use them to chose the next idea I want to share on my Tumblr. Every idea is on a card, I just shuffle them and pick one randomly.

I also tried to use the take note during a conference. The experience was good, it forces you to be short

Last week end I was in Stockholm, and I saw an exhibition about Christer Strömholm where he was capturing at night quotes and thoughts on rectangular paper and archive them for further inspiration. I guess I may will use the Artefact Cards that way.

Have they changed the way you do anything?

For the moment, a bit but I guess the more I will capture thoughts and fill this "library of random thoughts" the more they will become powerful. 

And who knows, maybe one day I will start using them properly

How do you describe them to others? 

The best support your thoughts can live on.

Any final thoughts..? 

Like notebook, I hate looking for them. So I put cards a bit everywhere. In my wallet, in my bags, on my work desk, in my room, the same way I do with my notebooks. (sometime I also use Evernote)

There is this famous quote that says "The best camera is the one you always have with you", same thing with Artefact cards ;)


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