Marcus Brown presents... The Parallel

OK, first things first... WATCH THIS...


That's Marcus. The talk he's doing in November at the All Facebook Marketing Conference... ...actually, it's clearly not 'a talk', that's a ridiculously low-status description for it... the performance, the experience, the changeover.

I'm on the verge of booking a ticket and a flight over.

What's even more exciting (for me, and maybe you, but really me) is that he's been using Artefact Cards to put the project together. And he's also putting together videos, writings, pictures etc into his creative process as he creates the final show, a starting selection which I've pulled over to here with his blessing...

"I spend quite some time drawing the cards: I get lost in the act of drawing, it’s an immersive experience that helps me work out what an idea is, where it might go and it helps me find better ideas. I’m sure you’re not supposed to spend so much time on each card but I do.

I really want to cards to look good because I want to look at them for ages. I want other people to want to look at them. It’s while trying to make the cards look as good as possible I start seeing the card become a part of something on a stage: I imagine myself doing the card and how people react to it. I also see other cards that I have yet to draw. It’s all a bit potty."





(yep, called it.)

Follow Marcus here on twitter, there on his blog, and maybe see you in Berlin :)


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