Making Things That Make Things

One of the best (well, perhaps the best) thing about making Artefact Cards is that they're a platform; they're not just a thing themselves, they help people make other things.

It was brilliant to see yesterday the Cards for Mindfulness launch their Kickstarter - and even better to see they're almost halfway done after just a day.


They used Artefact Cards to help prototype the set, and so I asked Rohan to send me some pictures and tell us how they approached it... over to Rohan:

We started with the coloured Artefact cards and used one colour per mindfulness exercise 'category'. It was just initially slogans. Nessie, my dog, is the black curly thing in shot!

We then wrote more than we needed so we could whittle them down so they could be the best combination, both within categories and also across the whole deck.


I then chose the final six per category and then wrote the longer exercise texts which go on the reverse. Based on Artefact, we started also with the idea that cards would be printed on coloured paper and this image represents that.

We decided however that that wasn't great for legibility (mainly of the exercise text on the reverse) and so then just used one paper colourway (Colorset Natural). And this is a shot of the cards as they are in the prototype deck.


It's really useful to see the evolution of ideas in this way, peering into the process that helps others ship brilliant products. Too often, perhaps, we only perceive things arriving in the market fully fledged, when understanding the development journey can be a big part of the story of the thing. Thanks for sending these over, Rohan.

And the rest of you; get over to the Kickstarter page to watch the video and back the project -

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