Wanted: Small Ads for Hackcircus

This is the exceptional Hackcircus magazine. Hackcircus is "an artistic collective dedicated to celebrating the entertaining and engaging side of inventive thought, whether that manifests physically with wires and batteries, or conceptually in artistic or philosophical ways – as long as it makes us smile."

I've subscribed from the beginning, loved every issue, and can thoroughly recommend it.

A weird though occurred recently, about advertising in Hackcircus. I'd no idea what to put in, but the opportunity to support something you love is perhaps sometimes reason enough?

Well, no. Reason alone does not fill the blank page in a magazine.

So here's what we're doing instead.


The deal is this; if you're an Artefact Card customer, and want to put a small ad in Hackcircus, draw it on an Artefact Card, take a photo, and send it to us [emails to hello AT artefactshop.com].

It's free for you to do it. We then pick the selection that works best on the page, and put it in the next edition of Hackcircus. We'll get as many on as we can so they're legible.

There's probably some other good principles we could build in, but hey, it'll be more fun working out what they are from what you send in this time.

Right then... getting cracking, small ad army...


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