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Listening to the inaudible, seeing the unseeable,

Posted on February 23, 2015 by John Willshire

As part of our wee initiative to help Artefact Cards users see what other people are doing, Jason has sent in this idea. It's really great, illustrating how you can bring all voices in a team into a conversation (instead of just the usual more vocal ones), and then turn a conversation which could be lost into a visible part of the environment that people work in.

Thanks for sharing, Jason. If you have a story to share about how you've used Artefact Cards, just send us an email to hello [at}


I'm the Personnel Manager in a large supermarket. I wanted to explore how to improve morale.

Normally if you get a group of colleagues together only one or two will speak up, so you don't get a representative view.

On this occasion I gave everyone an Artefact Card and a Sharpie, I simply asked them to draw on one side of the card what makes them "Happy in work" and on the other side draw what they would like to see being done differently in our store to achieve this.

We then went around the table and each person talked about their card. It was great I had tangible out from every colleague that I spoke to and these then become part of a larger display of our action planning

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