Field Kit Origins

I was just sorting through some old photos, and found this, from the Do Lectures in April 2013.

It was the first time I'd tried a prototype Field Wallet, to capture notes of the talks on the way through. There's a whole collection of the quotes I captured here:


It was a compelling enough test to make me think there was really something in it; the perfect companion pack for the Artefact Cards to take with you wherever you wandered, and whoever you wandered with.

It took ages to get the final Field Kits right though. Working with the guys up at Lichfield Leather to find the right shade of yellow, the right leather, the right cut. It took eighteen months, but we got it right.

Thinking about it now, the Field Kit is indelibly linked to the Do Lectures experience for me, as an idea, as an object. Being out in a far-flung corner of Wales, surrounded by stunning countryside and stunning minds.

I wonder how many other things have been born out there?


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