Damn Good Advice

Here's a short tip from George Lois' excellent book, 'Damn Good Advice':

"An idea can be communicated better with a drawing (so if you can't draw, learn). For anyone whose passion is to spend their lifetime as a painter, or sculptor, architect, film director, graphic designer, fashion designer, product designer, set designer, interior decorator, inventor, or even an entrepreneur, if you can't express an idea in a drawing, it means you can't see. Even a passable sketch dramatically helps crystallize an idea. So, if you can't draw, make it a daily project and learn. It will not only make you a profoundly better communicator of your ideas, it will add more joy to the way you see."

You can see why it resonated so much with me, of course. Drawing is a fundamentally important skill that so few people are encouraged to continue with any degree of seriousness.

We've been running the daily "Sixty Second Sketches" since December, seeing what works, finding a rhythm. You sign up here, and get one email a day, Monday to Friday, with just a simple little drawing idea on an Artefact Card. You can copy it, riff on it, or just grab a card and draw your own thing. It's all about the practice, folks. Sign Up Here.



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