Me or SuperMe?

Here's a little game to play with Artefact Cards in teams - it's about finding out a little more about each other, and helping people reflect on where they are now, and where they want to be.

Here's the video describing the basic preparation (I use this to send to people in teams I'm working with as the set-up instructions):



Everyone then arrives in the workshop with their four cards ('me' on one side, and the 'superme' they want to become), and you can choose the way that you ask people to share.

Usually, I'll get people to share both their 'me' and 'superme', then other people around the team build on what that person is saying, how they see working with that person from their perspective in the team. It helps people get a real sense, very quickly, of how everyone around them wants to grow, and ambitions they may share.

As a simple exercise like that, it's really useful. There are then more complex builds that you can lay on top, which I'll go into in another post.

I first played it with the guys at Adaptive Lab a few months ago - here's the prep video I made for them, but in this case I actually made the Me & SuperMe based on myself, which as an example probably offers more realistic texture:




Final notes... the name of the game is influenced by various things the excellent Superme stuff that Somethin' Else do for Channel Four

...and the Jonathan Kent speech from Man of Steel, which was the first Superman film I saw as a dad, which is realy interesting.... suddenly all of your empathy switches to lie with Jor-el & Jonathan Kent, as opposed to Superman / Clark Kent - it's about helping someone else grow, as opposed to growing up yourself...




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