COLOURS - What do we think?

It's been about three weeks since the COLOURS edition made it out into the world, and the reaction has been great, on the surface of things.  One thing we learned a while back is people can't often share what they're working on using the cards, as they're often work related or personal, but as always we'd love to know more about what people think about the COLOURS, and where Artefact Cards should go as a result. 

To be up front about it, we need to make a decision: Are the COLOURS a nice occasional thing to do, much like the seasonal editions we ran through last year, or is there something more in it? 

Should we switch the whole Artefact Cards to become COLOURS?

The magnificent Sunshine Yellow has been our trademark, stock colour since launch, but if people find it more useful to have different colours to use in combination, then should utility prevail?

What's better to have - a random box of colours as a surprise, or a specifically chosen set of colours?

And should we go beyond packs of a single colour?  I keep thinking about a Neopolitan pack - one pack with three matched colours inside (Keith will kill me, that's a nightmare to sort...)

The comments are open below, please let us know what you think, whether you've bought a box of the COLOURS yet or not.

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