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The Bag Test

Posted on May 13, 2018 by John Willshire

This little fella has been through a lot.

It's the prototype we decided to test for the new Artefact Cards box. It had to be well made, constructed of robust card, to stand up to constant opening, reopening, refilling and the like.

It had to be made to sit on a shop shelf (as we move into retail), and effortlessly bear being opened and reopened again and again, as curious minds and fingers enquired "well, I like it, but what is it?".

We also didn't want something that needed to be suffocated in plastic that suffocates the planet, and designing something now that withstands any inevitable shrink-wrap legislation in years to come is important.

In a way though, all the material things are the easy part of prototyping.

You've then got to see how it lasts in the long run, not just when it's freshly minted. Hence 'the bag test'. 

I've carried this everywhere for over four months, nestled in the rucksack of whichever kit I'm carrying, and it shows.

It's been played with on a daily basis. It's been used to take notes in lectures, to work from in coffee shops, from all across the UK to Germany, Spain, and India. It's been handed to old friends and new acquaintances to gauge their reaction. It's been doodled on as we begin to discover the right graphic design to fit. 

The bag test is coming to an end. There's no real way to rush it, to fake it. Just throwing the box down the stairs to bash it up, or repeatedly squashing it in your hands doesn't tell you what will really happen.

After a third of a year, the box has passed with flying colours. It even has a name now; Pokéshu. And as of today, we're starting the first small production run. Stay tuned.