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Custom Artefact Field Kits

Posted 22 September 2015 by John Willshire

It may seem early to talk about Christmas. It's certainly too early to be eating mince pies. But it's not too early to be working out what you're sending your clients this Christmas.

These are our glorious all-leather, high quality Field Wallets, as made by Bernard and his family up at Lichfield Leather here in the UK. They really are beautiful, check them out here.

Last year, people asked "can we do custom ones for clients as Christmas presents?", and we said "no, sorry, it's too late". This year, we're letting you know early enough, to avoid disappointments.

When we say 'custom' we mean that you can replace the custom printed yellow leather panel you see below with whatever you like.

As well as the premium leather Field Wallet, you'll also get cards inside the wallet, a box of Artefact Cards to restock the Field Wallet with, and a custom black Sharpie, all inside a clean white presentation box.

Prices are as follows (excluding shipping & VAT)

50   - £18.99 per kit
100  - £16.99 per kit
200  - £15.99 per kit

(further discounts available for larger orders)

We need your expressions of interest by Monday 28th September in order to get them to you by 1st December.

Please email us here with all orders or to ask more questions.

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House of Cards, by Charles and Ray Eames

Posted 27 July 2014 by John Willshire

As we speak, I'm diving in to the internet to try and discover more about Charles and Ray Eames' House of Cards (thanks to Tina for the heads up).

An interlocking system of cards with either images (I think the smaller cards) or single colour panels (the larger versions),the six slots of each card let you slot together the two dimensional images into three dimensional shapes.

I love the idea of putting together ideas in a three dimensional structure like this. I'm going to get a set from somewhere, have a play and report back.


Of course, I'd love to have a play with the Computer House of Cards, done for IBM's Pavilion at the World's Fair in Japan in 1970, but at $650 for one of the original packs, I'm not sure I'll have a chance any time soon...


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