Play With Ideas

"Thank you for your repeat business, and we hope to serve you in the future for all of your custom planetary needs."*

Due to increased demand we're temporarily sold out of standard Artefact Cards sets, and there's a three-week turnaround time on custom sets.

We apologise for this inconvenience - as soon as we're fully restocked, we'll notify everyone on our mailing list.

John V Willshire, 14th September 2014


* Yes, we realise that it's quite unnecessary to include quotes from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy in a pretty perfunctionary stock-level message**.

** Though not as unnecessary as going on to explain it afterwards.



Artefact Cards get you playing with the ideas you want to take seriously.  Designed as a halfway point between sticky notes and playing cards, they're a brilliant, fast way to create and capture ideas, then restructure them into their most powerful form.  Ideas that play hard, work hard.